Drew Fravert

  • Product Strategy
  • Software Developer
  • UI + IX Designer


Technologist with over 10 years experience in a variety of industries and roles in Chicago and Birmingham with an emphasis on developing effective information systems and tools that engage people through cohesive branding and intuitive, accessible interfaces. An enthusiastic generalist and creative problem solver with a background in film production, UI / IX design, full stack software development, digital strategy, product development, data analysis, sales and organizational leadership. A self-directed, engaged team member and leader, motivated to be among communities of individuals who support and challenge personal growth and do right by them.


Personal Creative vision, self-direction, structured thinking, focus on details & value creation
Interpersonal Consensus builder, cross-functional communicator, collaborative, empathic, affable, accountable
Languages Elixir, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Bash
Frameworks Phoenix, Rails, WordPress, Vue
Development AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, Homebrew, asdf, Mix, Bundler, Yarn, Webpack, Git
Data Analysis SQL (PostgreSQL), GraphQL, Redis, Spreadsheets (Sheets, Excel)
Software Figma, Adobe CC, GitHub, Postman, Postico, Basecamp, Jira, Trello, Slack


  • arity/1  •  Consultant  •  Birmingham, AL

    Digital consultancy helping guide small business clients through the considerations of modern technologies and workflows. Offering counsel in product development, digital strategy, design, engineering and content.

  • Fravert  •  Technical Director, PM  •  Birmingham, AL

    As technical director, I was responsible for the development of internal project management software to facilitate streamlined inter-departmental operations that featured project tracking, bid estimation, job costing, labor tracking and customer relations. As PM, I focused on jobs for our environmental / experiential design clients. Working with senior staff, I helped identify and pitch new business opportunities, guided clients through project vision, identified and communicated requirements to the industrial design team, reviewed and verified critical production design documents, and oversaw the production and installation of projects to ensure builds meet client specifications. As a shareholder, I was additionally responsible for regular review of monthly financials, setting organizational and departmental direction and hiring.

  • Fiverr  •  Full Stack Developer  •  Chicago, IL

    Full stack developer with the US division of the world’s largest digital marketplace for creative and professional services and a top 300 site internationally. Responsible for engineering software under the demand of 30 million active users per month. Coordinated remote development with team members in Tel Aviv, New York, San Francisco and Miami.

  • Newman Realty  •  Technologist  •  Chicago, IL

    Contracted to oversee digital operations and bring consistency to the agency’s external marketing strategy. Built complete front & backend systems and integrated with the MLS API. Designed a complete brand guide, complete with logo marks, typography, color palette, and digital / print marketing materials.

  • Clique Studios  •  UI / UX Designer, Frontend Developer  •  Chicago, IL

    Built responsive frontend interfaces integrated with various content management platforms, adapting compositions from the design team. Regularly worked and communicated directly with clients to see their vision through to completion. As an early employee, I was responsible for helping define and implement efficient workflows to facilitate robust development.





  • Derek Nelson  •  Partner, Clique Studios

    "Drew was an integral part in our growth. His passion for the craft, entrepreneurial spirit, and eye for detail helped him create some really exceptional work. He’s got an eye for industry shifts, and is always devising new ways to solve old problems. Above all, he cares deeply about his work and those alongside him."
  • Cathy Heimberger  •  Marketing Director, St. Louis Public Library

    "I worked with Drew on the launch of our new site. Drew has an outstanding work ethic; he’s professional, on time, on budget and the most patient person I’ve ever worked with. Constant questions and changes were always met with a positive, can-do attitude. He has an extraordinary ability to take a client's cryptic vision and turn it into an awesome reality."


Available upon request.